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Town Loket

The heart of the Karlovy Vary region, which is closely connected not only with the history, but also with the nature of the region. Why heart? The town of Loket is located right in the middle of the Karlovy Vary region, it is its historical jewel, not only thanks to the castle, which guards the town from its rocky promontory.

River Ohře, which flows around the castle and town, resembles a bent arm which gave the town Loket its name. The castle is a roman-gothic temple, which area wise is one of the biggest preserved castles in central Europe. The whole city is a monument reserve.

Town Loket offers tourists not only the possibility to rest in cozy restaurants and cafes, but as well the possibility to visit interesting museums and a lot of cultural events held not even in the natural amphitheater under the castle, but throughout the city, including the castle. Loket is surrounded by nature, which directly encourages walks, bike rides or water tourism.



In the town and in its surroundings there are parking areas for our visitors. We thank you, for parking your vehicles in the parking areas.

Map of the town


If you are planning a weekend in Loket or you need to quickly orient, we prepared a map for you with our tips. Visit not only the historic centre, but even the sightseeing routes around the town.

What will Loket offer you

If you come here to rest, dive into history or if you are trying to find activities for your free time, we believe, that the town Loket and its surroundings will have a lot to offer.


Castle Loket is a historic dominant of the town, but don't forget to visit other monuments like the church of Saint Wenceslas, the Black tower or take a walk along the medieval city fortifications.

Cultural events

In the city centre, on the castle Loket, in the natural amphitheater, or on the city walls are a lot of cultural events throughout the year. Do not miss them.

Free time and sport

If you want to spend the afternoon with your kids on the playground, or if you would like to go for a bike ride in the surrounding nature, awaits you a lot of options how to spend your free time.


Are you planning a weekend in Loket or are you fascinated by the beauty of our town and you don't want to leave yet? Pick from a wide variety of hotels and guesthouses.


You have to drink and eat, but where? Loket offers a lot of restaurants, where we believe, you will like the food or you will at least quench your thirst.


Have you ran out of options, that our city offers you? We recommend visiting the Svatošské rocks, Karlovy Vary, Bečov nad Teplou and more...

Loket castle

Royal castle Loket is a more than 800-year-old residence standing on a granite massif over the Ohře River.

800 Years on the Guard

Get to know the Loket castle and its formidable premises that breathe by magical ancientry and beauty of early Middle Ages. The visitors of the historical Loket Castle will be carried away by many mystical tales.

Historical Exposition

Every item on exposition has its story. Visit the castle halls where you will find many tales, very old ones but the eldest story is the one about Loket meteorite.

Chamber of Torture

The right of torture is connected with the darkest ages of human history. Get down to the sombre prison cells where the medieval torture takes place till these days.

Zprávy z Lokte

Nebyly nalezeny žádné články.

Information center of the town Loket

The place, where you will find necessary information and you will find inspiration.

Do you want to get to know the beauty of Loket and its surroundings or experience something exciting? Then you are at the right place. Inspire yourself with tips for trips, or pick from our materials, which we have available for free, or choose from our rich offer of souvenirs.

The information center is in close distance of the castle Loket. You just have to go up from the square to the castle, and you can't miss us. We look forward to helping you or selling you a souvenir. You are always welcome here.


If you want to learn more about our beautiful town Loket, the castle Loket and its surrounding you are at the right place. We will be happy to help you or give you a tip, on how to enjoy your stay in Loket as much as possible.


Do you like to compete? Join us in events for the whole family. Come with us to nature, discover unknown, join competitions and let yourselves get inspired by tips for trips.


We have a large selection of postcards, souvenirs and small things as a memory. Please yourself, your kids or your family.

We also sell a useful tourist card Karlovy VARY REGION CARD.

Information brochures for download

Loket castle

Everything you need to know about the castle

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Historic Promenade

Get to know Loket with your own guide!

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History of the city fortifications.

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Where to get something good?

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In duvets

A wide range of hotels and guesthouses.

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Culture in town

Size: 1.2MB | Format: PDF



City and castle in the palm of your hand.

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For time spent with children

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7 wonders

7 wonders in the city of Loket

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Views from the information centre to the river


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